Friday, 23 October 2015

October Flea tomorrow!

Great news folks! The October Flea Market is going to be a week early this month as next weekend the hall will be full of books for the annual Radical Book Fair. Thats one less week of waiting to see if some wonderful stall holder is going to have; a fondu set, a stamp collection, an old postcard of Carlisle, a rubber date stamp and a cigarette case. Where else could you hope to find all the items on such a shopping list? Doors open at 10am!


  1. Shame I missed it really enjoyed buying books at the September one. You should have publicised the change of date more on Facebook.

  2. You should start a Flea Fair in the old Woolworths in Corstophine big empty shop.

  3. Hey guys! I've written a blog post about my trip to the flea market in October. Check it out here -